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Mobile Repairing Course in Faridabad.

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Mobile Repairing Institute in Faridabad

Advance Institute is a prominent star in the training industry. We are the highest-rated mobile Repairing Institute in Faridabad and which is famous for its fundamental and superior level training for Mobile Repairing Course in Faridabad in order to get a reputed job in MNC. Since 2012, Advance Institute has qualified over several thousands of scholars and modified them into a skillful mobile technician.
Advance Institute of Latest Technologies offers expert mobile servicing in fundamental and advanced mobile technology. The program modules are always updated according to any current technological modification in mobile production. The institute gives mobile servicing for names like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, Micromax, HTC, Spice, BlackBerry, Dell, HP and around each brand accessible in the market.
Practice Centers in Various Towns, which gives quality and develop an understanding of mobile repairing. Onward beside the course, the institute also gives 100% employment support and lifetime profession help.
If someone is searching for the genuine occupation opportunity, then they should surely work for the most in-demand field i.e Mobile fixing technician.

Course Overview:

  • 90 Days Certification program in Smartphone
  • Covering Problems from Basics to Advanced level
  • Determine to practice on modern Fixing Tools
  • Get Excellent soldering techniques
  • Get to learn how to establish proximity sensors
  • Get a study about to operate Hot air gun machine
  • Learn Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Tips and Tricks to begin your personal Service Center

Syllabus of Mobile Repairing Course:

  • Basic Mobile Phone & Chip level Course training
  • History of Cell phones
  • Know about GSM & CDMA Cell phone Structure
  • Know about frequency & channels
  • Chip Level Soldering & de-soldering
  • Overview of Electronic Components
  • Solving Wi-Fi, SIM & IMEI numbers Problems.
  • Introduction to GPRS, Bluetooth & infrared
  • Flashing, Formatting, backup and restore
  • Driver Installation
  • Mobile repairing software repairing with coding
  • Special training for Unlocking Blackberry & Android Mobile
  • Mobile Phone Basic Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing
  • The complete introduction to electronics
  • Know about charge/voltage/ types of current
  • All electronics components identification, how to test and their working
  • Basic tips for mobile phone hardware repairing
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • GSM/ CDMA troubleshooting
  • Practically handset repairing
  • Important tips for service center
  • Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting
  • Introduction to 4g technology
  • Windows phone technology
  • Advance Mobile Hardware Repairing
  • Introduction to Mobile Smartphone’s
  • Mobile Operating system description
  • Introduction to Blackberry technologies
  • Introduction to I phone Technologies
  • Introduction to Windows Phone
  • Fault & Finding
  • GPRS & Wi-Fi System
  • Assembling & de-assembling of Mobile Phone


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