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Mobile Repairing Course in Gandhinagar.

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Mobile Repairing Institute in Gandhinagar.

Advance Institute Provides best Mobile Repairing Course in Gandhinagar with affordable fee amount. As we all know that Without basic knowledge of electronics, it is difficult to understand or repair any advance electronics machines like Smart Phones and Tablets. At Advance Institute, all our students get trained from Basic electronic to Advance Level with a professional manner. we have highly qualified and experienced staff who belongs to the electronic field for 12-15 year. So the main advantage is, all our students to understand repairing from basic to advance the concept of smartphone repairing theory, their working principle and working concept in very confidently, which helps to understand and repairing any new & advanced mobile motherboards easily.
After getting Smartphone Repair education from Mobile Repairing Institute in Gandhinagar, students grow their confidence in repairing any smart mobile phones Motherboards by developing & troubleshooting. we provide advance practical mobile repair projects under the guidance of Chip Level Repairing Technician. Advance Institute of Latest Technologies has implemented all modern mobile and tablet pc motherboard repairing technology to all its chip level Course Training in Gandhinagar.

Our Course sections:

  • Section 1. Intro to mobile phones, Ages of mobile phones, FHSS networks, GSM, Spread spectrum, CDMA, TDMA & Fundamental sciences elements.
  • Section 2. Mobile phones Specific working systems, Mobile Phones features & applications, the practical principle of mobile Phones & Parts used in Mobile Phones.
  • Section 3. Accessories & tools practiced for servicing & maintenance of portable handsets, kinds of power supply & batteries, boosting a battery, Troubleshooting basics.
  • Section 4. Network difficulties, Power failure (dead), Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (water damage, hanging, charging & keypad problems), Handsets assembly& disassembly, Soldering & desoldering &SMD rework station.
  • Section 5. BGA IC’s, Basics of Computer, Installation of software, Flashing, PC based diagnostic tools, mobile sets formatting, used of secret codes.
  • Section 6. Free software, Data cable, Card reader, Mobile display, Remove/replace Component & Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (Troubleshooting through circuit diagram, transmission, transmitter filter, microphone, reception, Antenna, RF power amplifier, local oscillator, Audio IC, speaker, charger etc. ).
  • Section 7. Reading & writing skills, Communication skills, Time management skills, Team skills, Safety & Security.


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