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Mobile Repairing Institute in Madurai.

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Smart Phone Mobile Repairing Course in Madurai.

Advance Institute assures reliable and genuine repairing of all kinds of mobile phones through our most developed Mobile Repairing Course in Madurai and which is trained by experts in the industry using highly sophisticated and advanced technologies of equipment. Mobile phone industry is growing very fast and the scope of mobile phone repairing especially smartphones and iPhones also in the same way. Exploiting the situation, many students and professional join into the repairing field of the mobile phone without adequate know-how, resulting in heavy damage to handsets. In such a scenario Advance Institute assures quality and reliable Mobile chip level and hard level repairing course in Madurai to the end users. In Advanced Institute Mobile phone repairing course is designed by our an Expert team of engineers. In this course, you learn about all types of mobiles like the smartphone, Blackberry Phone, Apple Mobile. We are famous for training and service provider of chip level mobile repairing in Madurai.

Outline of mobile repairing course with the various module.

Module -1 Basics Electronics

  • Hardware and software standard module
  • History of mobile as a common information and past improvement and service applications.
  • Identification of various components like: Resistor, Capacitor, Coil, Diode, Transistor, Transformer, Mos-fet, Crystal, RTC, z-Speaker, Ringer, Mic, Fuse, Battery, Vibrator ,Types of Ic.
  • Golden Tips
  • Practical Test

Module -3 Practical

  • Bios Setting
  • Window installation
  • Unlock security
  • Unlock patteren
  • Mobile Restore
  • Mobile Flashing
  • Mobile File Repair
  • Mobile Formatting
  • Chines Mobile unlocking
  • Chines Mobile flashing
  • Data recovery
  • Android application
  • Display Problem
  • Touchpad Problem
  • Hanging Problem
  • Restart Problem
  • iphone unlocking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Online Support
  • Clear all doubt
  • Practical Test

Module -2 Practical

  • Soldering Iron Use
  • SMD Machine Use
  • Practical tools info
  • Chip Level Practical
  • Component Removing
  • Component Soldering
  • Jumper settings
  • Practical Chip Level
  • I.C. Change
  • Practical Test

Module -4 Chip Level Tracing

  • Block Diagram
  • Identification of I.C
  • Different I.C Names
  • Set Dead Problem
  • Charging Problem
  • Display Problem
  • Display Light Problem
  • Audio Sound Problem
  • Touch Problem
  • Network Problem
  • Shorting Problem
  • Mic Problem
  • Webcam Problem
  • Wi-Fi Problem
  • Bluetooth problem
  • Speaker problem
  • Keypad problem
  • Battery problem
  • Advance golden tips
  • Clear all doubts
  • Practical Test


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