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Mobile Repairing Course in Bijnor.

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Mobile Repairing Institute in Bijnor.

Mobile Repairing Course in Bijnor is a career-oriented program. After that, students start their career safe through hands-on practical exercise from Advance Mobile Repairing Institute in Bijnor. Advance Institutehas well-equipped labs and practice devices by which learners gain sufficient and excellent working practice. we have well-experienced staff which has more than 15 years experienced and we practiced more than 2500 students in Mobile phone Repairing Course Training in Bijnor.
After the education learners get a reputed position in the multiple service center or begin their individual profession. we also give special service center sections.

Our Curriculam Elements:

  • Part 1. Intro to Cell phones, Ages of Cell phones, FHSS networks, GSM, Spread spectrum, CDMA, TDMA & Fundamental sciences elements.
  • Part 2. Cell phones Specific working systems, Cell Phones features & applications, the practical principle of Cell Phones & Parts used in Cell Phones.
  • Part 3. Accessories & tools practiced for servicing & maintenance of portable handsets, kinds of power supply & batteries, boosting a battery, Troubleshooting basics.
  • Part 4. Network difficulties, Power failure (dead), Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (water damage, hanging, charging & keypad problems), Handsets assembly& disassembly, Soldering & desoldering &SMD rework station.
  • Part 5. BGA IC’s, Basics of Computer, Installation of software, Flashing, PC based diagnostic tools, mobile sets formatting, used of secret codes.
  • Part 6. Free software, Data cable, Card reader, Mobile display, Remove/replace Component & Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (Troubleshooting through circuit diagram, transmission, transmitter filter, microphone, reception, Antenna, RF power amplifier, local oscillator, Audio IC, speaker, charger etc. ).
  • Part 7. Reading & writing skills, Communication skills, Time management skills, Team skills, Safety & Security.


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